Family Support Services

Our Family Support Services benefit families with a team approach founded on genuine relationships. Programs include Saturday Recreation, After School and Vacation Camp Services, a Social Skills Group, In-Home Clinical Support Services, and Respite Services.

In-Home Respite provides families a break from caregiving while a trained Respite staff comes to their home to care for their autistic family member.

In-Home Behavioral Supports Positive Support Professionals work with the autistic person and their family to address specific goals. At Autism Services we view behavior as communication that is purposeful and meaningful.

Social Skills Groups are offered at our Amherst and Hamburg locations. Group activities are designed to enhance the person’s social abilities. We strive to help people boost their self-confidence and develop relationships both within the group, and beyond.

Our Saturday, After School, and Vacation Camp Services provide families with relief from caregiving while their autistic family member participates in recreational and social leisure activities within loosely structured, relaxed environments.

Our services are family-focused, built on strong relationships with those we support. Satisfaction Surveys reveal:

  • Families appreciate the variety of quality activities provided
  • Families value our staff’s knowledge, dependability, dedication, compassion, and helpfulness.

Contact ASI’s Family Support Services at 716-631-5777
Respite: ext 368
Social Skills/In Home Behavior: ext 326