Corporate Compliance

Autism Services, Inc. (“ASI”) has developed this Ethics and Compliance Plan (the “Plan”) to further its mission, values, and legal duty to promote adherence to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations as well as compliance with all ASI policies and procedures. The Plan establishes internal controls to exercise appropriate due diligence to assure business is conducted in a professional and proper manner and to protect, detect, correct, and report conduct that is not in compliance with federal, state, or local data and information as evidenced by its accuracy, reliability, timeliness, and validity. The policies and procedures established herein demonstrate ASI’s commitment to honest and responsible conduct in all areas as it carries out its mission.

Download the Compliance Plan

Download the DRA Fraud Prevention Policy for Contractors

Download the Duty to Report Policy

Download the Compliance Reporting Form

Learn About Incidents

OPWDD Part 624 regulations concerning Reportable Incidents and Notable Occurences

ASI’s Incident Management Part 1 – Policy and Procedure

ASI’s Incident Management Part 2 – Policy and Procedure

ASI’s Incident Management Part 3 – Part 625 Events Policy and Procedure

Questions or comments about these forms can be directed to Donna Martiny, ASI Compliance Officer via email or by calling 716-631-5777 ext 321.