Programs & Services

Autism Services, Inc. is the only agency in Western New York who solely serves autistic people. Our knowledge of, and experience with, this unique population allows us to support the wide range of people who fall on the spectrum.

Our quality of life and educational supports include Adult Day Services, A Certified Education Program, Residential Services, Employment Support Services, Family Support Services, including Respite, In-Home Clinical Supports, Therapeutic Recreation (TRAC), After School and Vacation Camp Services, and related Clinical Supports.

We provide safe, comfortable, engaging environments that offer meaningful activities for people to continue to develop new skills. 

With this at the heart of our philosophy, we are a platform for our artists, writers, poets and musical performers to express themselves to their communities. ArtsWork is our agency’s signature program. Through ArtsWork, the universal language of art and music is used to create a bridge between autistic people and the community at large. Theatrical presentations, musical performances and art exhibitions allow our population to engage with the public, facilitating communication and socialization while increasing awareness.