Adult Day Services

Our Adult Day Services provides autistic adults (age 21+) the opportunity for personal growth in a supportive, respectful environment that encourages creativity, choice, and community connection

About ASI’s Day Services

  • Two Day Services locations, in Williamsville and Buffalo, and Day Hab Without Walls serving over 100 autistic adults.
  • 100% of the people we support have the opportunity each week for community experiences of their choice.
  • 100% of the people we support are given the opportunity to express themselves through art, music and/or dance. Arts Work was introduced in 2002 to give autistic people the chance to become involved in the visual and performing arts.
  • We enhance vocational skills through participation in community projects and volunteer opportunities.
  • Daily attendance rates show the people we support enjoy our program; they choose to spend their days with us. 

Contact ASI’s Adult Day Services at 716-631-5777 x 560

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