ASI Students Celebrate Autism Acceptance

Students from our Amherst and Buffalo schools got together in April 2019 to create a video celebrating Autism Acceptance All Year Long.

ASI Self-Advocacy

The principle underlying ASI’s Self-Advocacy group is simple: No one knows the needs of a person better than the person him or herself. They are the experts when it comes to knowing their needs. Take a look at what our ASI Self-Advocates have to say.

ASI Yoga

Short videos showing a variety of Yoga poses used with our individuals.

Inside the Sensory Room

With calming gradient lights, soft motions and etheric music we create an environment of controlled stimulations. Our Sensory Room has the perfect atmosphere for sensory decompression and is utilized before our individuals engage in other environments.

Sensory Equipment

To meet the fluctuating sensory needs of an individual with autism, a proper sensory diet is often prescribed. This involves the use of sensory equipment that provides a balance of sensory input at levels controlled by the person who is on the autism spectrum.

WNED American Graduate Champion

Here’s a WNED tribute to Mr. Andrew Shanahan, Principal of Autism Service’s Education Program and WNED’s American Graduate Champion. In this brief one-minute segment you’ll learn about the philosophy that guides the education programs at Autism Services.