Semi-Annual Workshops

Spring Workshop - Building a Toolkit to Support Executive Functioning Skills

Autism Society Western New York & Autism Services, Inc.’s Autism Center for Learning presented:

Building a Toolkit To Support Executive Functioning Skills

Amy Moore Gaffney, M.A., CCC-SLP

Co-Sponsored by The Speech-Language-Hearing Association of WNY and Associated Physical and Occupational Therapists, PLLC

Virtual Workshop Presented Saturday, April 23, 2022

Executive functioning skills help us make plans, follow through, and achieve our goals, while being able to make necessary adjustments along the way. When a person is struggling to develop this set of skills, multiple areas, including academics, emotional regulation, and participating in daily living activities can be impacted. The use of evidence-based strategies can assist with the development of skills during childhood and then become life-long strategies that a person uses to have independence and success as an adult. This workshop will provide information about specific executive functioning abilities and provide strategies for parents/caregivers, teachers, and therapists to build their toolkit to provide support to those struggling with executive functioning skills.

This workshop is geared towards both parents and professionals. At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. List 6 executive functioning abilities.
  2. Describe strategies to support a variety of executive functions.
  3. List strategies that can be effective for home, school, and community settings.
  4. Describe how executive functioning skills impact math, reading, and writing abilities.

Disclosure: Amy Moore Gaffney financial – Ms. Moore-Gaffney is employed by Indiana University. Non-financial – Ms. Moore-Gaffney has no relevant non-financial relationships to disclose.

Amy Gaffney

Amy Moore Gaffney, M.A., CCC-SLP, a Speech-Language Pathologist and a TEACCH Certified Advanced Consultant, is an educational consultant for the Indiana Resource Center for Autism, Indiana Institute on Disability and Community at Indiana University. She has experience working with children, young adults, and their families in a variety of settings, including in-home, public and private schools, private clinics, and in the community. Amy brings to her presentations experiences that she has learned as an autism consultant, as well as from being a parent of a child with a disability. Amy has presented nationally and internationally. She is co-author of a chapter in the book, Life After Lockdown: Resetting Perceptions of Autism, titled “A Recipe for Student Success.”


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Workshop Sponsor: Autism Services, Inc.
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