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Adult Career and Continuing Education Services Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR)
Coordinates policy and services relating to transition services for students with disabilities from school to adult services, vocational rehabilitation services for individuals with disabilities ages 16 and older, independent living services for people with disabilities of all ages, and business services for hiring a qualified diverse workforce.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is the professional, scientific, and credentialing association for 140,000 members and affiliates who are audiologists, speech-language pathologists and speech, language, and hearing scientists.

Autism Parenting Magazine
News and professional guidance for you and your child on the subject of autism.

Autism Research Institute (ARI)
The Autism Research Institute (ARI) is focused on conducting and sponsoring research aimed at improving the quality of life for today’s generation of children and adults with autism spectrum disorders.

Communicating with an Autistic Child : A Parent’s Guide
An online resource to assist parents in making positive communication with their child with autism.

The Developmental Disabilities Alliance of Western New York (DDAWNY) is a collaborative group of member voluntary agencies that provide services to people with developmental disabilities. While honoring individual agency missions, it is the intent of the Alliance to assist agencies to develop relationships, promote unified strategies and share risks for the mutual gain with and for the benefit of people with developmental disabilities.

DD Info Link
Online searchable directory of programs in WNY counties for people with developmental disabilities, their family members, and service providers.

Guide to Remodeling a Home for Adults with Special Needs
Most parents become empty nesters at some point, when their kids grow up and move out on their own. But when a child has special needs, there’s a chance that time will never come. That doesn’t mean parents can’t give young adults with disabilities more independence. With some thoughtful modifications, it’s possible to turn your home into a multigenerational space that provides adult children the opportunity to do more for themselves, while keeping them under the same roof.

Hope and Homes
Hope and Homes for Children is a registered charity working in Central and Eastern Europe and Africa. Our head office is based in Wiltshire in the UK.

Housing & Mortgages for People with Disabilities
This guide has been created to help individuals living with disabilities, and their family members, in the process of buying a home of their own. On this site you can learn more about the five important steps in buying a home and about financial assistance programs that are available for a person living with disabilities, who want to buy a home.

Neighborhood Legal Services
Not-for-profit Agency that provides free legal services to individuals with disabilities and low-income Western New Yorkers

NYS Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
Agency that focuses on community involvement, employment, recreation and housing issues faces by New Yorkers with developmental disabilities and their family.

NYS Education Department
Information on educational services and regulations in NYS.

OPWDD’s mission is to help people with developmental disabilities live richer lives. OPWDD, in coordination with the Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs, has established requirements and oversight procedures to protect people receiving services from harm.

Parent Network
Parent Network of WNY is a parent-led community resource for parents of children with special needs and professionals working with individuals with disabilities. We are a designated Technical Assistance Parent Center funded by New York State Education Department (NYSED) and several other funding sources. We are also professional members of several local, state and national organizations such as the Developmental Disabilities Alliance of WNY, NYS Disability Advocacy Association and the National Alliance for Information and Referral.

Personal Finance Guide for People with Disabilities
A resource guide for people with disabilities to help them manage their finances and meet their financial goals.

Renters Rights for People with Disabilities
Living independently is a goal for many adult children with disabilities. It’s an important part of having a fulfilling life, and the drive for freedom exists regardless of ability.

Sensory Gardens
A sensory garden is a garden environment that is designed with the purpose of stimulating the senses. This stimulation occurs courtesy of plants and the use of materials that engage one’s senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound. These types of gardens are popular with and beneficial to both children and adults, especially those who have sensory processing issues, including autism and other disabilities. To learn more about the benefits of a sensory gardens click below.
Many Benefits of Sensory Gardens

Sleep and Autism
Discusses common sleep problems in those with ASD.

Social Security Administration (SSA)
Provides detailed information and support in regards to social security eligibility and issues.

Special Needs Checklist: How Disability Friendly is Your City?
The city you live in can have an enormous impact on your quality of life – especially if you have a disability. From wheelchair accessible sidewalks to employment options to the weather itself, there are a variety of characteristics that can determine whether your hometown is a good place to live.

Students with Disabilities: Preparing for Postsecondary Education
Provides information about the rights and responsibilities of students with disabilities who are preparing to attend postsecondary schools.

Vocational Training for Adults with Special Needs
Vocational training is training that focuses more on practical subjects than the theory. While many students with disabilities find it easier to enroll for a four-year degree, a growing number is starting to realize the benefits of vocational training.